SpaceChain Weekly Report (Feb 26 to March 4, 2018)

This week, we highlight the progress of SpaceChain OS testing and optimization, share our discussions with various partners and our community activities.


On Feb 24, CEO of Space Chain Zheng Zuo led a discussion about sharing of ideas and organizational changes led by blockchain technology in the “Three-o’clock Listed Company Group” — an exclusive chat room in WeChat for blockchain celebrities in China.

On Feb 27, SpaceChain announced that it has officially joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). This recognition from EEA is an affirmation of SpaceChain’s achievements thus far. EEA is the world’s largest open-source blockchain organization with more than 250 member companies, and it aims to establish common development standards to make the adoption of enterprises easier. As SpaceChain has been actively involved in the open source community, its goals are aligned with EEA. In the future, SpaceChain will collaborate with other members of EEA to promote space exploration in the blockchain industry. Read about it here.


The SpaceChain team has contacted various Space companies to discuss the implementation of the annual space exploration program. Here are some of the topics they have discussed:

  • SpaceChain OS and space chain hardware system space validation with a number of space equipped start-up companies.
  • Building smart satellites based on SpaceChain OS with commercial small satellites companies.
  • Launch of satellites in space-launch spacecraft with commercial rocket companies.
  • The use of existing satellite communications systems for blockchain applications with commercial satellite communication companies.

The team will continue to follow up with the community on progress with existing partners, and publicly announce formal partnership agreements when they have been reached.


  • SpaceChain has been invited to attend the Qtum Dapps Meetup in Seoul, South Korea.
  • SpaceChain will be having an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q & A session in the Telegram community ( this month. Stay tuned for details.


This week, the OS team continued to perform optimization testing for the following aspects:

  1. Multi-platform compilation

The Qtum project code was also compiled and deployed based on SpaceChain OS on the following hardware platform. The A9 platform has been compiled and deployed successfully:

  • ARM Cortex A9
  • X86
  • MIPS
  • Power PC

Test environment

2.1 Test Environment

Test environment diagram in -regtest mode
Testnet mode

2.2 test environment software configuration

PC: Windows 8, Qtum-0.14.13-win64

Cortex A9: SpaceChain OS, Qtum v0.14.13

QTUM function test

3.1 Problems found and fixed in some tests

1. Increase libboost SpaceChainOS configuration support

2 increase BOOST_PLATFORM_CONFIG configuration

3. Fix libboost library compile-time thread support error

4. Fix the conflict between switchE2BIG and EOVERFLOW in libboost library

5.Fix the getaddrinfo call in the libboost library

6. Fix assert macro is empty led to some code is not implemented

7. Repair blockchain thread name display error

8. Repair CRYPTOPP memory alignment macro selection problem

9. Repair C + + compiler parameters, some projects need-frtti

10. Fix the getaddrinfo call in libevent

11. Modify the system default stack size 500000, to avoid stack overflow

12. Modify Qtum static link qtum components, dynamic link to other libraries

13. Remove part of the debug log, speed up synchronization speed

3.2 regtest mode functional test summary

• Adding Neighbour function: test is normal

• Create block function: test normal

• Synchronization between nodes: synchronization between nodes are slow; optimization needs to be continued

• Transfer function: After the transfer, the arrival time is too long, the PC transfer to A9

• Adding a blacklist: After a neighbour is blacklisted on the PC, the neighbour is blacklisted. After a while, the neighbour automatically reappears in the blacklist.

3.3 -testnet mode function test summary

• Node-to-Site Synchronization: Synchronization is slow and the two nodes synchronize over 3 hours to complete synchronization.

• Transfer function: the arrival time is very slow. The transaction can be completed if there is sufficient time

As shown below: BLOCK on both sides are the same. The sender’s authentication are completed. After a period of time, the recipient’s wallet executes getbalance command did not show the newly transferred funds. The implementation of the listtransaction command did not show the payment information.

BLOCK height on both sides of the same.
The chart shows the transfer 5 Qtum to the A9 platform (

Payee cannot see transfer information within an hour. Payee executes getinfo command. Please find the following as the information:

4. Follow-up

At present, the SpaceChain will continue to improve the system and fix the problems encountered in the test environment. Qtum is also assisting in improving the system.

SpaceChain in the process of developing guidelines and other technical documents.




Cointime Beta and Bishijie have published the following news about SpaceChain’s official membership with Ethereum Business Alliance.


SPC browser test version will be on line. SpaceChain will release the latest test after the launch. Stay tuned.

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